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Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy, hereby, mentions all the clauses and regulations about how we collect, use, and disclose the personal information of the people who visit our website and make an order by entering their personal information.

How we collect our information?

When you visit our site

We automatically collect your device information when you visit our site, which includes, the web browser used, the IP address you are using, and your time zone in some cases. In addition to this, we may also keep track of the products, sites, or references that you visit using our site. This can include the brands or products listed on our site for sale or order.

When you order using our site

This information includes your personal information such as Name, Contact No, Email Handle, Social Media Handles (in case you are ordering through some social media site), your card information (card number, CVC, name on card, etc., in case you are paying through an online option).

This may also include a track of your visits to relevant product brand stores that you may visit using our website.

How we use your information?

It must be noted that we do not sell any part of your device information or personal information to any third parties for their personal promotion or for any other purpose that may be possible.

Ghar bazaar uses the information of site visitors or customers for the following listed purposes.

To offer services: The most evident and clear purpose for collecting your information is to offer our services to you. In addition, we use your information to communicate with you, and answer your questions and queries, that you may have while visiting our site, to make orders and deals, etc.

To send Products: We use your personal and device information for sending you products requested through online order forms. This may include your address and time zone etc. In this case, we share your data with a third party which is a collaborative requirement to send you the said product at your exact place. For instance, a person who delivers your product can have your address and contact no.

To send promotional Emails: We may also send promotional emails regarding our products, store promotions, and deal promotions in the future after you enter your information and agree to our privacy policy. This option will always come with a subscription and thus you can halt this portion of data usage by simply unsubscribing the data usage using your email handle.

To ask for feedback or reviews: We may also use your data for asking and requesting feedback or reviews after you buy or purchase some product or service from our store using our website. These kinds of collaborator emails can be customized and/or generic.

To communicate for targeted promotion: This clause clears that we may also send you specific handles for the product promotion based upon your previous interest or orders that you made. This is similar to the promotional section and you can unsubscribe to stop using your information for this purpose if you want in the future. However, you agree and allow the company to send personalized or targeted promotions when you agree to its Privacy Policy.

For detection of utilization process: We may also use your personal data in order to determine the usage pattern of our administrative information or data during your visit to our website so we can create strides for future reference.

To post reviews: We post reviews of customers, which they leave on our website after purchasing from us or using our services, as proof of our good service to our social media handles along with personal information. These testimonials usually contain the name of the person who left the review on our site.

To protect our legitimate commitments: We may also use your data to detect any kind of act that endangers our administrative data/information. This can lead to tracking your data if involved in such an act.

To run social Campaigns: We may participate in social campaigns, for instance, reduce plastic campaigns or donation campaigns. In such cases, we may send you these kinds of promotional emails.

You're Privacy Rights

As Pakistani Citizens, you have the following privacy rights regarding the data that you entered at our site.

  • You can make changes or amendments to your personal or device information as and when you require.
  • You can request to completely erase your data from our site if you do not need to have it anymore.
  • You can also update your data as and when required.

Data Tracking Ways

We use log files for tracking the above-mentioned data/information of customers and site visitors and hence do not use cookies for said purpose.

Policy Update Clause:

We update policy clauses on our site whenever we make amendments to our privacy policy for consumers and users out there. Please check the privacy policy more often to stay aware of any changes that you may not comply with.

We may also inform subscribed users of these amendments via some contact handle along with promotional emails or may publish a notice/notification on the home page.

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